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30-something mother, wife, lawyer, writer, design junkie, craftaholic, cook

likes: clever tools, snazzy colors, working for justice, kid wrangling, Meyer lemons

dislikes: inefficiency, civil discovery, most shades of purple, Tori Amos

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If you spend much time on the internet, you have undoubtedly come across Maggie Mason and her life list project. Well, I don't have corporate sponsorship for following my dreams (yet), but I was inspired by her list to create my own. So, here, in no particular order, are the 100 or so things I hope to do before I slough off this mortal coil.

launch a wholesale line of fabrics with my designs • argue a case in the supreme court of the us • run a half marathon (did it! 11/11) • run a marathon (did it! (04/12) • jump a single axle in skating • read my son haroun and the sea of stories (started! 1/8/11!) • bake a wedding cake for a friend • sew my own clothes • visit patagonia • learn to throw pottery • write and perform a one-woman show • live on a farm for a month • milk a cow • grow my own • open a pop-up shop in an abandoned store-front • read crime and punishment • lie in a field of wildflowers with my little boy • teach my son to make chocolate chip cookies • grow stone fruits in my yard • fight the power • coach a mock trial team • return to my alma mater to teach a course in law and literature • forage for truffles • make 31 flavors of ice cream • blow glass • teach english in another country • spend a year abroad with my family • make s’mores over an open flame • learn to upholster furniture • write a non-vampire-based young adult novel • patent my invention for perfect movie popcorn • learn the difference between iso, f-stop, and aperture • stand under a waterfall • get over my fear of snakes • renovate a dilapidated house • toilet paper a yard • learn to tend bar • start a commune • somersault down a hill • go sledding • make a chair from legos • tell the story of my family • make a quilt • open an art and craft supply store • foster kindness in my son • harvest, spin, and weave cotton • appear in an episode of saturday night live • go on a retreat • raise honeybees • teach my son to do a cartwheel • make 1000 paper cranes • cover a wall in origami paper • take a train across the united states • eat my way through the south of france • design a postage stamp • sail down the world’s great rivers • teach my son to climb a tree • grow a cutting garden • visit machu picchu • write and illustrate a children’s book • weave a sweetgrass basket • become conversational in spanish • tile a floor • cook a meal made only of food i’ve grown • invent an iconic cocktail • host a black-tie oscar party • learn to improvise on the piano • sing back-up for ben folds • visit morroco • ride a horse • make a grand philanthropic gesture • ride a bicycle built for two • visit japan during cherry blossom season • research my genealogy • make my own cheese • take a class at Penland • produce a gallery show of my husband’s artwork and photography • stop grinding my teeth • dance in argentina • become a better observer • bid at a live auction • visit st. petersburg, russia during the white nights • do a puppet show with my family • try my hand at scrimshaw • take a figure drawing class • mentor a teenage girl • make a pop-up book • develop a new soda flavor • take my family to see a movie at grauman’s chinese theater • write an op-ed • build a transistor radio • learn calligraphy • do 100 pushups • make a cake for my son’s birthday every year • design and print a family hagaddah • sleep under the stars • animate a serial cartoon • drive from des moines to kansas city on grand avenue • go on walkabout • deliver a commencement address • see 1000 birds


What's on your life list?