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Free Printable Valentines

ROAR! © 2009 Cameron BlazerCard back. © 2009 Cameron Blazer Well, I'm in a giving mood again. I was sitting here at my computer trying to get up the consumerist urge enough to write an "I want that" post, but I'm just not feeling it. Instead, I'm giving you something you probably didn't even know you wanted!

My printable 2009 calendar was such a hit (Thanks, tipnut!) that I decided to do another fun freebie for Valentines Day. Well, really I decided to do a bunch of freebies. But perfect is the enemy of good, so rather than waiting until I have four perfect designs in the can, I thought I'd share the one I've finished. Sounds good?

I drew this Valentinosaurus because I thought my son would like it, and it might save me from yucky mass-market Spiderman valentines. Still, I think it would be equally sweet coming from a little girl who's comfortable with her inner primal scream!

This downloadable PDF is two pages--a front and a back, with 9 cards on each. Really, if you don't want to worry about lining up the front print with the back one, your valentines will be cute as can be without the back side. The cuts for this printable are a little more involved, but I've provided cut lines to help you--each card is 2.5 in x 3 in, so there's no math test at the end, either.

I was thinking of doing a custom envelope template to go along with these...what do you think? Or would you rather have an alternate design?

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