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30-something mother, wife, lawyer, writer, design junkie, craftaholic, cook

likes: clever tools, snazzy colors, working for justice, kid wrangling, Meyer lemons

dislikes: inefficiency, civil discovery, most shades of purple, Tori Amos

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Really Good Stuff I Already Have

I began the year reflecting on my desire to eat more seasonally and more sustainably. And I'm happy to say that we have definitely improved the sourcing and quality of our diet in the last three months. But with the bumper crops of spring approaching, there is a looming challenge I cannot ignore if I am going to keep this up: I am a compulsive, impulsive produce shopper. And thinking seasonally about food has only made that worse, so afraid am I to miss out on a brief growing season or a particularly good harvest. And I'm no good with a grocery list, either. They only work if you look at them, you see.

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Resolved: A calendar, the seasons, our food, and a plan (of sorts)

Updated on Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 7:03AM by Registered CommenterCameron Blazer

Happy New Year!

I love New Year's Day. New Year's Eve, not so much. But New Year's Day I love. Especially when it falls on a Friday. Other than the long weekend aspect, I love, love, love the food. In South Carolina we traditionally eat pork, collard greens, and peas and rice (or Hoppin' John) on New Year's Day. Like many food cultures, each of these foods symbolizes a hope for the new year—for plentiful food, money, and luck.

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