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Strawberries and Cream Crumble: Dessert Three Ways

  © 2010 Cameron Blazer // Cottage IndustrialistQuick recap: last Sunday was a casserole of fail* on the cooking and crafting front. You may remember that I burned dessert. When you see how easy this dessert is, you will know just how off my game I was.

It's strawberry season here in South Carolina, and this week my son got to go to one of my favorite local farms with his class to pick strawberries. He came home with two pints of lovely, freshly picked, and minimally-smushed-by-and-eager-four-year-old strawberries. And so I set about to redeem myself from last week.

Will our heroine stage a comeback? Will she share the recipe? You'll never know unless you keep reading . . .

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Ice Cream Sundae Sunday

© 2010 Cameron Blazer // Cottage Industrialist
After a long winter, ice cream is finally in season, no permits required, so I decided that we should haul the ice cream maker out of storage.

I'm the kind of person who, even at just-shy-of-35, plants herself in front of the oven window and watches cookies bake from start to finish. And my son is just like me. So, ice cream making is the perfect bonding activity for us. Our ice cream maker is electric-powered and open at the top, so he and I can watch cold cream turn into ice cream in a matter of minutes. Nerd heaven.

Ice cream making is easy as can be. The only challenge is deciding what flavors to make. My son's all-time favorite is...wait for it...vanilla. And while vanilla gets a bad rap for being boring, it is a great canvas for other flavors, so that worked for me. And since this week marked the beginning of the local strawberry season, we agreed that we'd make strawberry as well. Oh, and I, uh, sort of told my little boy that just this once we could have ice cream for lunch. What? 

Continue reading for recipes and ice cream tips . . .

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