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You are a blue four.

[If you've been reading this site since the very beginning (which means you are either my mother, father, sister, husband, or Courtney), you can skip this first part, as you know this story six ways from Sunday already.]

You are a blue four. © 2009 Cameron Blazer

When I was a little girl, my favorite color was blue. Dark, not-quite navy blue. And, because I was quick to exhibit my tendency toward firmly held convictions on pretty much every topic known to man, I had a favorite number, too: 4.

On the drive between our house and my aunt's house, we always passed the local NBC affiliate, WCIV,* aka Channel 4. Their logo was a lovely blue, angular four. Delicious. I looked for it every time and found such comfort and satisfaction in its perfection.

One day--I think I was 3 or 4 at the time--my mom and I were driving past the billboard and I was swept away by profound love for her, so I said the thing that I thought summed up my perfect affection, "Mommy, you're a blue four."


Last week, I wrote about creative drought and frustration. And about coming out on the other side. And y'all tuned in; you wrote emails and comments of support and commiseration. That is just rad. You are all blue fours. If I could send you each a card, that's what it would say.

Geometric Cards © 2009 Cameron Blazer.
Have you got something special to say? These printable cards are a blank canvas--express yourself! Just type your message in the white box and print!** There are four flat cards in this template--you can let your message speak for itself or jot an extended bit on the back.

As with all the free printables here, you can use this template as much as you like for personal, non-commercial use. Enjoy!

*They're an ABC affiliate now, and it totally messes me up. I developed a lifelong bias in favor of NBC because of the blue four, but now the NBC affiliate is Channel 2. I still hold out hope that they will switch back, thus restoring the natural order of things, and paving the way for peace in our time.

**Set your printer's scaling to 100% to ensure that you only need to make two cuts (down the vertical and horizontal centers). You can round the corners or not--they'll look great either way.