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likes: clever tools, snazzy colors, working for justice, kid wrangling, Meyer lemons

dislikes: inefficiency, civil discovery, most shades of purple, Tori Amos

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Spring Fruit: New Fabric Designs


© 2010 Cameron Blazer // Cottage Industrialist

It's been a quiet spring on this here blog. I've been tending to several projects behind the scenes that haven't left much time for writing. But it's time to take the lid off of some of what I've been working on.

Mankolam, pictured above, is a collection of fabric designs that I put together in March from bits and pieces I'd been playing with for more than a year. Once I knew what I wanted to do with it, I was amazed at how quickly it came together. Mankolam is the sanskrit word for "mango design," or what we have come to know as paisley, thus the name. I have always loved the color and movement of paisley designs, but I wanted to do something with them that also reflected the more buttoned-up elements of my personality. So the paisley is on a background of pin stripes. The earthy buttons are neatly arranged because, as my dear friend Emily would say, "a polka is my signature dot formation." The over-the-top floral is kept in check with, well, a check stripe. And the fluttery gossamer wings (which are my favorite) float in tight tandem with one another.

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The New Meaning of Life

So. Now that the election has stopped gobbling up every of my available brain cells, I can return my attention to obsessive pursuits of yore: jewelry making, sewing, designing, ignoring housework, etc.

Whereas this time last week I was manically hitting "Command-R" (that's right, I'm keystrokin' it on a Mac, mmhmm) on every political blog known to humankind (which naturally excludes anything originating from Fox, NewsMax, Free Republic, etc.), I have found a new way to exercise my personality disorder: Etsy.

A couple of things:

First, let's talk about the name. I like it, it's cute and short. But, um, for lo these many years I have labored under the mistaken presumption that it's pronounces "eetsee." Nope. I have learned that the "Etsians" (yeah, I think that's a little weird) call it "ehtsee." I just can't get behind this. "Ehtsee" sounds like something my husband's grandmother would say crossly if you asked her how she was feeling. "Eetsee" sounds cute and tiny, like the name of a teacup poodle or something. So I'm gonna keep calling it "Eetsee."

Second, I wish that they didn't track your stats for you. Oh, don't get me wrong. I LOVE a statistic. I planned my wedding and the birth of my kid in a spreadsheet. But that's just it. I LOVE a statistic. So now I'm just hitting "Refresh" like it's my job. Not healthy.

Oh. So. Maybe you would check out my etsy store (pronounced however you like): cottageindustrialist.etsy.com? That would be swell. No pressure. I'm just feelin' a little ehtsee and I'm thinking that might help.