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30-something mother, wife, lawyer, writer, design junkie, craftaholic, cook

likes: clever tools, snazzy colors, working for justice, kid wrangling, Meyer lemons

dislikes: inefficiency, civil discovery, most shades of purple, Tori Amos

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Backyard Farming

© 2010 David MandelAlex and I went to law school together. Since we graduated, we don't practice the same kind of law, so we haven't seen much of each other, but he's on twitter, and, well, you know I'm on twitter, and so we've been keeping up with each other that way for a while.

A couple of months ago Alex posted a link to a YouTube video of what looked like the work of a slightly crazy vegetable genius. Buckets linked together with pipes in long rows, water trickling out of drip hoses, and a bumper crop of vegetables growing in white, rocky sand. No details about where he filmed it or who had built it. And then I realized...Alex had built it! And? And? He has chickens!

I promptly invited myself over to check it out (with husband and son in tow, because CHICKENS), and Alex graciously accepted my invitation. And what it may lack in traditional pastoral beauty, it more than makes up for in functional, rocket-science-y cool. 

See more of Alex's back yard farm, now featuring 100% MORE CHICKENS. . .

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