Holiday Nesting
Friday, March 26, 2010 at 5:13PM
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Easter and Passover are nearly upon us, and I haven't dyed the first egg. But I don't feel bad because I have whipped up these sweet little birds' nests and filled them with candy eggs.

Remember that I recently began a love affair with my pasta machine? The only part I haven't loved has been the vermicelli cutter—my pasta always seems to get stuck in it. So, applying the logic of craft, I ran aluminum foil through it. Wha? Well, when my craft punches get worn and dull, I just punch through a sheet of aluminum foil and a sheet of wax paper and, lickety-split, they are sharpened and lubricated! I figured that the pasta machine would work in the same way.

But I hadn't considered what I was going to do with all of that shredded foil. As I scooped it up off of my cutting board, I saw how easily it could take the shape of a nest with just a little tiny bit of coaxing.

The process is simple. Cut a piece of foil about 6 inches by 4 inches. Run it through the pasta cutter—or I suppose you could try this with your paper shredder, but you'd probably need a bigger piece of foil, as the cuts are wider. And, uh, you'd probably be voiding your warranty. Not that such a thing has ever stopped me! Gather up the shredded bits of foil and curve the ends around to meet each other in a circle. Pat down the center a bit to make a well, and then fill with candy eggs (I used dark chocolate almond m&ms). That's it!

I made a bunch and set them onto the glass cake dishes my mother-in-law gave me. But they'd be very cute holding place cards, don't you think? I made some sweet printable placecards last Easter that you can find here. Or you could make great big nests and fill them with your own dyed eggs. Cute overload, non?

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