A new leaf and a new calendar
Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 7:15AM
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The other day, my mother-in-law called to ask me if we would be available for dinner on September 19th. That just sort of blew my mind. That's like a MONTH away! How on earth could I be expected to know what we're up to a month from now? See, we're not exactly the world's great planners ahead. Like, when I signed up for summer camp at the kiddo's school, we knew that at the end of the summer they would be going on break, right? But then we sort of got sucked into life and work and stuff, and all the sudden it was the Thursday before a two week (!) break, and we hadn't made Plan B. Uh oh. While I would never SELL the kiddo to the gypsies, I did consider for a brief moment a mutually beneficial rental arrangement (I kid, I kid!). We made it through the two weeks without childcare thanks to the generous help of our friends and family and the occasional abbreviated work day. But still.

I have vowed to do better. Which starts with owning a calendar. That I actually write on. But all the calendars I see in the stores are either attractive but ridiculous overkill (I do not want to carry around a three-ring binder of my obligations) or totally antiseptic, blah, and insufficient. Can you see where this is going?

Obviously, I had to design my own calendar. I had certain requirements. It had to be pretty but not fussy. It had to have big enough blocks to jot down a couple of words about important events, it needed a spot to put random notes, and it needed a place to scribble reminders of stuff happening in upcoming months. So, you know, we wouldn't be caught off guard next time el pequeño gets two weeks at Club Med from his school.

For those of you who have your calendars filled in and accounted for into 2012, I salute you (albeit with slight suspicion of you and your kind). For the rest of you, feel free to download these calendar sheets for your own use. And check back later in the week--I'm testing a mini tutorial for a easy, nifty way to bind these all together.

Download September-November here.

Download December-February here.

Download March-May here.

Download June-August here.

Update on Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 5:48PM by Registered CommenterCameron Blazer

One observant commenter noted that this calendar is sort of unorthodox in the arrangement of the days of the week. Most calendars in the US use Sunday as the start of the week. Because this calendar was designed for use by our family, I decided to do it differently, to try to highlight the weekend time we have together in clear blocks. We go in so many different directions all week long, and we are constantly committing ourselves to parties and gatherings and obligations for the weekend, too. By putting the weekend days together, I'm hoping we can learn to be more discerning about what we sign on to on the weekends--if Saturday's jam-packed, we should try to decompress on Sunday, and vice-versa; I hope that by seeing the days side-by-side we can see that balance more clearly.

That's a lot of philosophizing about a relatively straightforward graphic design choice, eh?

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