Giddyup, Valentine!
Sunday, January 18, 2009 at 10:12PM
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Giddyup! © 2009 Cameron BlazerGiddyup! © 2009 Cameron Blazer  I guess I'm on a roll, eh?

Here's my latest offering, designed to coordinate with the same envelopes that I created for the Dinosaur valentines.

Cowboys and cowgirls are just fun, right? I would love to learn to tie and throw (?) a lasso. Anyone who knows me even superficially will probably recoil upon reading that, given my legendary lack of physical grace, but, hey, a girl can dream! For the record, I'd also really like to jump a perfect triple Axel, but that's even less likely.

Once again, this downloadable PDF is two pages--a front and a back, with 9 cards on each, but you can use the front without the back.

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