Cottage Industrialist textiles, printables, and paper products feature patterns with bold colors and organic forms. They are available in my shop. Many of these patterns and other wee drawings also make appearances in free printables featured on the blog.


Whether hunkering down alone with a bowl of soup or swirling about preparing for a big gathering, there is pleasure in the small details, meditative calm in a well-stirred pot, and satisfaction in an emptied plate.


Solid metal bent and hammered until fluid, a single sheet of paper folded into three dimensions, beads joined by the thinnest filament into a sturdy fabric—whatever the material, there is wonder in craft.


Winter blossoms, singing in the rain, sun on the water. Laughter and inspiration are all around. Blogs, poems, and stories ensue.

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a source for fresh, modern printables • a teeny tiny, very indie line of eco-friendly fabrics
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